Maldivian art

Maldivian Arts focus on what is important; bringing life to art and
delivering our passion through art. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our passion can thrive and grow.
We are one team, with one goal. We work together as one collective unit, producing all styles of great art!
Maldivian Arts evolved through a collaborative decision among artists to create an ambiance that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where we can work freely without distraction or concern. The vision of our formation began in 2011 at Ibrahim Nasir International airport, Maldives. Piece by piece we put together a team that genuinely recognizes the value of talent and making a difference through the work of great art.

We pride ourselves on being a youthful and forward-thinking team that embraces creativity, takes advantage of talent while understanding the potential benefits that are accrued with great art.
Our uncompromising core values focus on providing the resources needed in enabling us to focus on what we do best. We reinvest everything into developing new talent for the love of art.

We are an environment where great art, great minds, and great energy meet. “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Our vision

Maldivian Art above & beyond is a team of dedicated & passionate Artists that have a great reputation for delivering great art and service to a large growing list of customers.


Join the team

Maldivian Art above & beyond offer a unique combination of experience and a desire to make a difference with art.
We pride ourselves on the importance of emotional connections built through our passion for art; we have a unique eye for detail.

We believe in doing a job properly and doing it well. We have and continue to build on our reputation of, passionate & professional artists, with a goal to make a difference in people’s lives with art.

Our objectives

“Always deliver what we Promise”
will endeavour to always deliver superior service that is built with natural passion.
“We have pride in what we do” We are great artists. we take personal pride in all of our work.

We believe there is always room to improve how we paint a picture; how we communicate with our customers; how we build relationships